Vivatek Therapy

The spinal disc has been identified as the culprit for most back and neck pain producing conditions.

Disc deterioration most commonly begins with a *subluxated vertebra as a result of a traumatic event or from repetitive trauma. Whatever the cause, whether by a lifting incident, lifting at a wrong angle, auto accident, repetitive trauma such as sitting in front of a computer or assembly line hour after hour or from daily activities of living and aging, disc deterioration is a proven and documented outcome.

The Vivatek Treatment System is a state-of-the-art, computer controlled, bio-robotic, therapy system—Programmable to provide a full-spectrum of safe and highly effective treatments for the cervical, thoracic and lumbar regions of the spine.

Vivatek therapy is utilized to heal minor disc bulges or the beginning states of degenerative disc disease and is also an effective maintenance therapy for many people. The computerized system delivers a vibratory therapy and infrared
heat which is designed to help remove inflammation and heal the injured disc.

The treatment is very comfortable and many people actually fall asleep during the treatment.

The Vivatek is not the “old school” roller table that you may have experienced in the past, but is a sophisticated computerized therapy system which may become an integral part of your improved health transformation program.

*A subluxated vertebra is a misaligned vertebra (spinal bone) causing pressure on nearby nerve structures.