Nutritional Guidance

We have such an abundance of food available to us here in the United States that it seems improbable that anyone could be nutritionally deprived. However, the fact is that we eat too much of the wrong foods and most of the foods we do have available are a mere shadow of their former selves.

produce stand with fresh fruits and vegetablesDo you realize that you would need to consume 15 – 20 bowls of salad today to get the same nutrients in one bowl of salad in 1940? Also, today most of our foods are overcooked, over-processed and over-preserved with toxic chemicals. Now, we must be concerned with irradiated foods and genetically modified foods (GMO). As a result, we are starving nutritionally; even though we have more food available to us than any other time in history.

Dr. Alff, D.C. has been studying nutrition for over 33 years now. It is his belief that nearly everyone needs some nutritional supplementation in order to assure that you have the right amount of nutrients in your diet to keep you healthy.He will use his 33+ years of expertise in natural nutrients and his training in Applied Kinesiology to assess your body’s particular needs for specific nutrients. He believes in using only “whole food” supplements. Whole food supplements will give you many more nutrients in comparison to only a fraction of your nutritional needs that synthethic vitamins and minerals often give.

Besides Dr. Alff’s Nutritional expertise, we have an very educated Health Coach Bryan Thomas on staff who gives nutritional consultations via telephone or skype. He will review your health history, what you ate as a child, and what you are eating now, and give you guidelines and advice on how to be healthier, via food. You can reach Bryan at

The human body in proper balance is a body that performs at 100% of its potential. Proper nutrition is a vital part of health and function.

If you would like to be assessed for your nutritional needs, call us at 648-7987 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Alff.

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