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Experience, Innovation and Uncompromised Dedication to Excellence Makes The Difference!

Life is full of compromises – but choosing a facility and support team to transform your health should not be one of them.

Our purpose is to transform your health to an optimal level while helping you avoid a lifetime of dangerous, toxic medications and unnecessary, risky surgeries. Utilizing cutting edge technologies, tried and true sciences, and age old remedies, we promise to give each and every person individualized, genuinely compassionate care and superb customer service.”

Here are some of the reasons you should choose the Ventura Spine & Nerve Center for your healthcare needs:

1). We have been serving the Ventura area since 1982, which means that we have many years of experience in helping transform the health, naturally,  to thousands of Ventura County residents.

2). We are Ventura County’s premier facility specializing in the non-drug, non-surgical treatment of severe and chronic low back and sciatica pain and peripheral neuropathy.

3). We incorporate the use of the 21st century FDA-cleared Chiropractic computerized Pro-Adjuster to assess and treat the spine. The Pro-Adjuster (also known as a Sigma Instrument adjusting chiropractic system) is a fully computerized system that delivers a gentle tapping motion to re-align spinal vertebraes. There is no popping, twisting, or cracking of the spine.

4). We are the most experienced clinic performing non-surgical Spinal Decompression in Ventura County. We utilize the state-of-the-art FDA-cleared DRX9000: true non-surgical spinal decompression, which has a proven track record of results with herniated, bulging, degenerative discs and spinal stenosis. We have literally treated hundreds of cases since 2005 and have had extreme success in restoring many people back to enjoying a quality, pain-free life. Click on spinal decompression reviews on this website to read the many success stories.

5). We also, if needed, incorporate specific core strengthening therapy; utilizing the ATM2 core rehabilitation; a system designed to strengthen the inner core muscles that stabilize your spine.

6). We incorporate cutting edge therapies like the FDA-cleared Vivatek Therapy which is hailed as a scientific breakthrough in the treatment of neck and back pain and many other neuromuscular conditions.

7). We also utilize cold laser and luminous therapy to help improve quality of life for those who experience pain, sports injuries and rehabilitative conditions. Laser therapy offers natural, effective, non-invasive photo therapy solutions that are FDA cleared and lead to faster healing, pain relief and reduction of inflammation. We also can use anodyne light therapy, and electro-analgesia to reduce reduce pain and other health conditions.

8). We test each patient’s oxygen level to ensure that they are receiving optimum fuel (oxygen) to the brain to help him or her heal faster. If needed, oxygen is included in a treatment program in order to get our patients better as fast as possible.

9). We utilize applied kinesiological testing to determine areas of weakness in the body that may be related to certain health problems. Then, specific nutritional protocols are recommended to feed the body the proper nutrients so that the effected organ can heal itself.

10). We offer nutritional advice, including several natural cleanse and weight-loss programs to facilitate your health transformation.

11). Our clinic offer a comprehensive layered approach for our Peripheral Neuropathy sufferers.  Before this alternative natural therapy was found to help them, the medical field told the PN sufferers they just had to “live with it”.  Well, times have changed and there is now natural approach that is helping our patrons have “happy feet” again.

12). Clinical research shows a vast array of healing benefits of essential oils. We utilize therapeutic essential oils for a variety of benefits to our patients.

13). The Ventura Spne & Nerve Center offers a cutting-edge digital X-ray system, which allows us to immediately see and diagnose your spinal condition.

14). Each month, as part of our treatment program, our patients are invited to ‘Dinner with The Doc” where they are educated on the “10 Steps To Transform Your Health.”

15). The Ventura Spine & Nerve Center has successfully helped many county residents avoid a lifetime of taking toxic pain medications and having unnecessary risky spinal

16). We are proud of the fact that our patients always state that they feel very comfortable and cared for at our office, from the very first moment they arrive.

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You’ll be reassured to know you have found the right place to transform your health!

We are here for you and offer a free, no obligation consultation to determine if what we offer is going to help your health condition. Call us at 805-648-7987 now for this offer.